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Our engineers are constantly reporting that they’ve been in boiler houses and steam plants with oppressive because of uninsulated valves and flanges.

The fact is that tremendous amounts of energy are lost through this often overlooked route. Also overlooked is that the difference in temperature between insulated and non insulated metal leads to stresses which in turn lead to an increased maintenance overhead and inevitable downtime - completely unnecessarily.
That’s not to mention the increase in burn risks for personnel.

Heat loss from uninsulated valves and flanges are roughly equivalent to a 1.5 metres of uninsulated pipe of the same size.

In a heating system for example, that’s like having useless and wasteful radiators.

Our insulation jackets are a solution as simple as they are effective. Tailored to fit the valve or flange snugly, but with easy access for maintenance via secure hook and loop fastenings, they reduce heat loss by as much as 90%.

With popular configurations available from stock and the ability to make custom jackets quickly, Enersol Flomar can plug a highly wasteful and costly gap in your energy regime at costs which are recouped very quickly indeed.