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Who should attend?

This course is intended for all personnel that are involved with steam plant and are responsible or may become involved with the installation or maintenance of steam equipment. The course covers the relevant mandatory regulations and Health and Safety guidelines.


To ensure that all personnel involved with steam equipment understand the principles of steam and are able to recognise how steam equipment should be sized, installed and checked to give maximum efficiency and operate safely.  The delegates are given the opportunity to take a C.I.T.B. examination which is a recognised qualification valid for 5 years.


The basic principles in raising steam

Health and Safety regulations

Pressure Safety Standards Regulations

Steam trap operation and types

Installation and sizing of steam and condensate mains

Operation of pressure reducing valves

Maintenance safety procedures

Practical demonstration of trap types and checking

Basic principles of good working practice


Sectors that should attend this formal training

Food and beverage


Corrugating plants



Public works departments

Petrochemical plants

Facilities management companies

Motor and Tyre manufacturers


Project engineers

Equipment manufacturers involved in steam


One day held at Leicester

This course can be carried out on-site premises and tailored to requirements.

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Steam Utilisation

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