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Our steam audits are customised specifically for each individual client, and typically investigate areas from the following criteria:

Design of distribution system and condensate return system (steam traps,     drop out points, pipe sizing etc)

This will show leaking or blocked traps. Losses are shown in kilograms per              hour along with cost.

Consider economisers

Consider automated blow down

Consider automated TDS control

Consideration givern to raising hotwell temperature vide steam injection and/or TDS recovery system. Other methods may also be considered, dependent upon the client’s installation.

Consider lagging and insulation options

Consider Replacing mechanical or linked burner controls with modern independent motor-driven fuel air-mixture controls

Consider fixed speed fans and motors with variable speed units

Consider reducing burner size on a boiler that consistently runs below optimum load

Consider sequencing multiple boilers using a boiler management system controlled by a plant management programme

Consider a load balancing system which will determine when an additional boiler should be brought online as well as which units will be most efficient at given total load.

Consider Operating ‘No/Lo Cost’ Operating Improvements

Consideration given to PM5, PM60 and Safed regulations

A report will be issued to the client and, depending on the breadth of the audit, will deliver the following information;

Cost of improvement

Return on investment (where applicable)

Efficiency percentage improvement

Benefits of Steam and Condensate System Audit.

If you’d like any further information or to discuss your particular requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with no obligation whatsoever.