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The new 700M ensures that the boiler to which it is fitted is running at optimum efficiency by providing advanced, accurate firing cycle control which is based on demand in real time - i.e. what is actually happening in the hospital, college, prison or office block.

The 700M is in the vanguard of modern boiler efficiency controls. It renders methods such as boiler temperature or notional evaluations based on historical averages obsolete.

The Savastat 700M provides the overwhelming advantage of being able to see easily how much energy the unit is saving.

The 700M also has a built-in infrared port to allow it to be connected to a PC. This is used mainly for updating the firmware or downloading the data log, but can also be used to gain remote access to the unit via a PC and as a result, via the internet.  

The 700M is an advanced central heating boiler management system using real time active feedback from its sensors in conjunction with adaptive self-learning software.

It ensures that the boiler is always running  at maximum efficiency - reducing energy costs and emissions.

The display panel and straightforward, user-friendly  menu system allows for easy configuration and rapid installation - there’s no need for disruption on site or long service interruptions.

Energy costs are only going in one direction, and it is fast becoming essential that energy is regarded as the precious asset it actually is. With this in mind, we’ve incorporated a security system which ensues that only authorised users can access and control it.

The user is always able to see the current status of the boiler, and the unit will provide an alert if the sensors detect a fault in the heating system.


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