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Enersol Flomar’s Savastat series of boiler controls ensure advanced, accurate firing cycle control based on demand in real time - i.e. what is actually happeniing in the environment to which is is applied.

The old methods of historical averages and boiler temperature simply can’t achieve anything like the efficiencies of real-time, demand-based actions and are now effectively obsolete.

The 500M is the mainstay of the Savastat range - the base
 module which ensures
boilers are always running  at
maximum efficiency - reducing energy costs and emissions. As such, they are an ideal and cost-effective solution for multiple
boiler installations

The display panels are straightforward affairs, presenting
and easily-understood menu system no more challenging than
a domestic heating control. This also allows for easy configuration following installation which generally takes no more than 45 minutes, so there’s no need for disruption on site or service interruptions.

There’s also a built-in user-access system which ensues that only authorised users can access and control it. The user is always able to see the current status of the boiler, and the unit will provide an alert if the sensors detect a fault in the heating system.

The Savastat 500M is saving costs and reducing emissions in educational establishments, leisure centres, prisons, hospitals and commercial premises the length and breadth of the UK.

Savastat? Perhaps we should have called it Savvystat.


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