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We offer a wide range of trapping solutions from all leading manufacturers. Traps can be offered to comply with your specification or we can specify in accordance with your needs. Our range includes the most popular: Float traps, Inverted Buckets, Thermostatic, Thermodynamic, Pumping Traps - but also extends beyond this range to meet all service requirements.

We also offer a Trap Survey Service – using the latest technology in trap testing equipment we can calculate individual trap leak rates and what the financial cost of this leak means to your business. If you need advice on how to best manage your steam trapping requirements, then call us for a consultation on 0116 240 3430.

Surveys carried out on a vast range of sites revealed that a surprisingly high number of installations - especially older installations - have no insulation on valves and non-standard fittings and areas. Sometimes original valve insulation has been removed to carry out maintenance and not been replaced. In other situations, it had been damaged and in a great many, there had never been any valve insulation applied. This may be because the original installers – back in the days when energy costs were not given the scrutiny they are today -  decided against it on the basis that it was a small area in comparison to the overall pipe area, and so the heat loss would be minimal.   
Another reason is that people simply couldn’t be bothered because of the slight inconvenience in occasional valve operation. Such reasoning seems irresponsible from today’s standpoint, but attitudes were very different only a few years ago.

Incredibly, our engineers have often reported situations where large steam and hot water valves are exposed directly to the open air. The energy waste and environmental damage from such installations hardly bears contemplation.

The series of images above illustrates the heat loss from an uninsulated steam trap in stark graphical terms.

Enersol Flomar valve jackets consist of a ready-made range to suit most standard fittings, and can also be customised to ensure maximum effectiveness as required. Although primarily used on the exposed heat-loss areas presented on valves, they can also be applied to a great many other situations such as flanges and heat exchangers.

They are manufactured from a range of materials for different applications ranging from high and very high temperatures down to low temperature and frost protection. They are easily installed with minimal effort and removal and refitting is equally simple. Fastenings are usually via tied laces and/or hook and pin (similar to Velcro).


The jackets are constructed from the best avaialble materials with a Class O rating in accordance with BS 476 Parts 6 & 7.

Standard specification:
Temperature range: 65 to 250 C
Jacket & liner: Double-sided grey silicone coated glass cloth
Matting: 2.55mm/1” thickness of E class needle felt
Nomex thread
Kevlar tie cords
Hook and loop fasteners
High temperature nylon
This is the standard specification which is suitable for most applications. Alternative materials can be used to achieve higher temperature ratings.

Download the Bonetti Piston Valve Factsheet

Download the Bonetti Piston Valve Factsheet (PDF, 567K)

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