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The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust is a large, 489 bed District General Hospital in Harlow which provides a comprehensive range acute and specialist services to a population of over a quarter of a million. The hospital consists of a main complex and various satellite buildings on a large site and the Trust has implemented a number of initiatives over the last decade to reduce its carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency and reduce energy expenditure.

One of the major projects undertaken was the replacement of some eighteen calorifiers with heat exchangers. The project was put out to tender and was won by Enersol Flomar, who carried out a detailed survey and then  produced a specification and project plan.

Bill Dixon, the Trust's Environment Manager, explained. “The reason Enersol Flomar won the tender was that they were the only company that presented us with a plan which was customised specifically to our needs. The other companies tried to 'shoehorn' the project into packaged solutions and although I have no doubt they would have achieved substantial savings, the bespoke approach with each exchanger being specified and tailored specifically for purpose was immediately the better option”.

Enersol Flomar's overall project cost was also highly competitive, said Bill Dixon. “Cost was not the only criterion by any means, but their tightly managed, project-based approach meant that not only did we get a superior technical option, but it was at the best overall cost.”

“Installation went amazingly well – there were no hiccoughs whatsoever. Enersol Flomar were a great team to work with, and they took a good old-fashioned pride in their work, which we really appreciated. At the end of the day however, it's about results and the bottom line. In simple and stark terms, this project produced savings that went back into patient care instead of going up chimneys. We estimated that the savings in the first year alone equated to 32 hip operations, and we are delighted with the results”

Top: The Princess Alexandra NHS Trust in Harlow, Essex.

Two of the newly installed heat exchangers (above) and one of the exchangers with its insulating jacket removed (left).