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As part of the process in making their market-leading apple juice, Pepsico Copella need to defrost vast quantities of apples picked in October and November from their famous orchards in Boxford Farm, Suffolk. Enersol Flomar had already carried out contracts for Pepsico, and were invited to Boxford to advise on their defrosting plant which was using propane gas.

Apart from the obvious cost implications, the transport and storage of propane was not an ideal solution from a safety viewpoint.

Enersol Flomar designed a bespoke steam system which delivered savings and an efficiency increase that the client described as 'phenomenal'. This was a turnkey project in which Enersol Flomar partnered with Copella's existing installers, providing design, consultancy and specific expertise.

Aside from the fact that the gas transport & storage 'headache' had been eliminated and a more fuel and cost efficient system installed, the defrosting time itself was reduced from 8 hours to 2 hours.