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Burgess Petcare is a family-owned company that produces market-leading pet foods from their Cherry Tree Mill plant near Goole.  They have undertaken a number of projects to minimise their impact on the environment and reduce costs, ranging from stringent auditing and maintenance of their drains and pipes through to the achievement of  zero landfill in March 2012.

A major project undertaken was aimed at the reduction of gas use and attendant emissions. Enersol Flomar undertook a detailed survey of steam traps, pipe & valve insulation, pipework design & efficiency and identified a number of areas for improvement, fairly typical of similar installations.

A further recommended element was an improvement to the monitoring and measuring regime so that Burgess could not just see exactly how well the plant was performing, but which would enable them to identify problems such as defective steam traps at an early stage.

The programme was carried out, and included the replacement of failing steam traps, new high-performance insulation jackets which were custom-made for the plant.

Another initiative was the installation of extra 'drop out' pockets which enabled excess condensate to be removed, thereby reducing the risk of waterhammer and its attendant dangers to both plant & personnel.

Finally, a new ethernet-enabled monitoring and metering system was installed which enabled the Burgess energy team to log in at any time and see the plant's performance in real time. The system paid dividends immediately in that the team identified that their weekend shutdown was anything but – the plant was 'ticking over' redundantly and at considerable expense.

Energy Manager Paul Sharp said 'Enersol Flomar gave us a comprehensive survey with detailed solutions and an overall 'strategy' for our steam plant. There was a direct result of 11% savings in our gas usage and emissions, and this has made a huge contribution to our overall environmental programme.”