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Enersol Flomar’s Building Energy Division has developed a range of highly effective boiler load compensation controls which are delivering substantial energy savings - and therefore cost and emission reductions - in the heating of premises as diverse as offices and schools through to prisons and courts.

The technology is based on the Savastat product range of controls, acquired in 2008. This was a highly successful boiler control installed on  over 15,000 boilers in the UK and
North America.

Under Enersol Flomar, the range has evolved from
analogue to digital with the launch of the 700M & 500M  in
2011 which have already found success in HM Prisons, with
the Courts service, the Macdonald Hotel Group and local authorities including Camden, Lincolnshire, Nottingham, Renfrewshire and Rotherham, to name but a few.

Modern Savastat boiler controls provide an extremely valuable weapon in the armoury against ever-increasing cost pressures and the need to reduce emissions. Typically delivering between 10 & 20% in fuel cost reductions, a simple, non-invasive 45-minute installation of a highly cost-effective product is like removing most - if not all - of the VAT from your fuel bill.

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