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The 500CC is the basic 'fit 'n forget' Savastat load compensation unit which, although not sporting the comms and analysis features of its more advanced cousins, will nevertheless deliver exactly the same savings in the same conditions.

As with all Savastats, it operates exclusively on water temperature conditions, and so works independently of other system controls and building management systems. Because it is measuring the result of all system controls at the boiler itself, it complements their actions. The 500cc unit acts only to improve boiler efficiency - it cannot change space temperatures.


The unit may be fitted to boilers of any age, but was designed primarily to reduce energy consumption in existing systems. Installation is carried out without disruption to the building or its occupants. There is no need to drain the system,  and each boiler is out of service for no more than an hour ・the average time is 40 minutes. Once commissioned, the unit is completely self-regulating to give automatic year-round service that requires no action by the user.

Savastat 500CC: Features

· Adjustable control settings to match boiler/system operating parameters.

· Low temperature limit with added time based protection.

· High temperature protection.

· LED status indicators.

· Selectable Bypass for boiler / system servicing.


· Voltage: 24vac, 110vac or 230vac selectable

· Current: 6 amp

· Ambient : -5° to 37°C

· Sensor: Thermistor external strap-on. Range: -1°C to 90°C

· Power cable: 3 core double insulated rated at 104ーC 3m factory-fitted. Sensor cable: 2 Core double insulated rated at 86ーC 3.5m factory- fitted.

· Enclosure: 190mm x 130mm x 80mm.   Weight: 0.9 kg.

· Approvals: Europe CE96: EN 60730: EN 50081-1: EN 50082-1


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